Orphan Accounts

Because accounts are never deleted unless they never received any uploads, accounts become orphaned if their owner's login is deleted. Personally identifiable information associated with a basic account is automatically deleted 30 days after it becomes orphaned. Data associated with other types of accounts is never deleted.

In certain circumstances Novecore may place a data hold on an user or account. If this happens, its data will never be deleted. This usually happens if a credible claim of copyright infringement is received or the account is suspended for terms of service violations.

Orphaned accounts can be restored within 30 days by the owner creating a new Novecore login using the last email address they used on Novecore. The account will immediately be available to them again after their new signup.

After 30 days, orphaned accounts can only be restored by the content owner they are owned by. Novecore does not restore orphaned accounts under its content owners under any circumstances, but labels with their own content owner account may choose to do so as they see fit.