Contact Novecore before building custom onboarding flows

Novecore does not allow custom onboarding flows without prior approval. Improper implementations will lead to seemingly unconnected issues later on, including suspended accounts and loss of all revenue.

As onboarding can be complex and required fields depend on previous submissions, the onboarding API is built in a modular way. When an onboarding API endpoint is called, the API tells the client what the next onboarding step should be.

It is generally possible to go back to a previous step, however when a previous step is re-submitted, all steps after must also be re-submitted. The client application may store previous answers to relevant questions and pre-fill them, however it should not automatically re-submit them without user action. Changing information may also cause the API to request different additional information or steps, so do not assume the next steps will stay the same if you re-submit a previous step.

The same onboarding flow applies whether or not the user already has a login. The API will skip steps related to login creation and immediately go to the account creation steps if the user has a login already.

Some steps can be skipped by the user. If a step is skipped, the client should send an empty POST request to the step endpoint to retrieve the next step.

Note: When onboarding steps are described in this documentation section, the request parameters correspond to what you would send to answer the step and the example response how the step would look when the API requests it