Public vs Private API

While the vast majority of API endpoints are available in the public API, you will notice a small number of endpoints being marked "Private API only".

The Public API is designed for developers to integrate Novecore data and functionality into their apps for use on their users' accounts. Good examples for this would be analytics platforms making Novecore analytics data easy to analyze, or a mixing software allowing direct uploads to a Novecore account. Everyone can get access to the Novecore Public API for free.

The Private API is designed for development of Novecore clients such as the Novecore Webapp, internal staff tools, and the full automation of a developer's Novecore account (for example for smaller distributors built on top of Novecore). Private API sessions always have full access to the authorized account. Access to the Private API is restricted to Novecore internal use and some customers of Staclar. If you believe you really need access to this, please contact us. There is a fee for access to this API.